Food Wars University Ambassador Program

Food Wars University

Ambassador Program

What is our Ambassador program?

Achieve Cellular Health, God’s Way!

This is a commission-based referral program. Each order placed for our products with your unique Ambassador code/referral link equals cash in your pocket. Ambassadors also receive access to our e-course as well as study guide materials, so you can lead small groups based on our book – Finding God in the Middle of the Food Wars. We want you to help us enlarge the Kingdom of people striving to be all that God created them to be! Still interested? Read on…

Why become a Food Wars Ambassador ?

This is How it works

Use the “get started” button below and enter your information in all the required fields

We’ll send you an exclusive Ambassador welcome kit and invitations to join our closed social media groups after you’ve made (3) commissioned sales.

You get a unique link/referral code that you can share with your network. Post away!!!

For every sale referred by you (and using your unique link/code), you earn 12.5% base commission. Simple!

"I love Orgain. Their mission and dedication to a wholesome product is admirable. I believe in what they are doing and am grateful they've set a new standard for protein powders. Working with them and their team is easy for me and it's easy to promote a brand I trust."
Jane Doe
"Working with Orgain has been a dream come true! I'm not only a fan of their delicious healthy shakes but also find their story very inspiring and empowering."
John Doe

Frequently Asked Questions

These are people who are passionate about Food Wars, and the products that promote “cellular health” and the way clean nutrition makes them feel. Ambassadors help us spread the word about living healthy, vibrant lives. And they share their love of our products on social media channels and blogs with their friends and family. Our Ambassadors are leaders in their communities, active on social media, and are passionate about sharing the cleanest, highest quality nutrition that can help  reverse illness and disease. Sign up now to help someone you know or love get healthy at the cellular level.

Introduce and promote our all natural Non-pharmaceutical cellular health products and earn extra money (and who doesn’t like extra money?) In fancy terms it’s a commission-based referral program where Ambassadors earn a commission on every purchase they refer to When a customer makes a purchase on using your unique code/referral link, you earn a percentage of that transaction.

Aside from helping the people you care about most get healthy you will earn a 12.5% base commission on any transactions you refer. You also gain exclusive access to our closed social media groups where Ambassadors share active lifestyle ideas, social media growth tips, healthy recipes, question and answers with our “cellular health” experts….just to name a few.

You’ll receive a custom referral code to share on your social media. It really doesn’t get any easier than that!

In order to pay our Ambassadors in the simplest way, we process commissions via PayPal. This is free service easily accessible and quick to sign up for. In order to become an Ambassador you must have a PayPal account. To sign up go to to create your free account or download in your app store.

  • Login by clicking here with the email and password you created when you signed up.
  • Navigate to your affiliate portal. Your sales and commissions will be listed here.
    • Personal orders do not qualify for commission and will not appear on your dashboard in the payment section
  • Need assistance? Give us a call or text at 1-615-815-0390 or email so our support team can help troubleshoot.

Need assistance?

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