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Detox Advanced

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Our liver, the “king of the organs,” has over 500 known functions essential to our survival. When we detox, it’s like hitting a reset button for the entire body. It changes the terrain and pH within the body, creating a healthy environment for uptake and bio availability of nutrients. Toxins store up in major organs, therefore, detoxification provides a safe environment for the body to purge waste it has been storing.  

Our Detox Basic Bundle revitalizes the body and provides noticeable benefits such as: nourishing the liver, improving digestion, balancing hormones, clearing brain fog, removing heavy metals, breaking food cravings, stabilizing blood sugar, giving the adrenals a break, improving the function of filtration and elimination organs, clearing viral, bacterial and fungal signatures, a perk of energy and glowing skin, and so much more. 

The least we can do to relieve body burdening and improve our overall health is to perform a detox two or three times per year. 

Our Detox Advanced Bundle adds the addition of Mito-Vite, our cellular energy and mitochondrial support nutraceutical. Mito-Vite supplies key mitochondrial micronutrients and a smart combination of essential vitamins, as well as key nutrients such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, N-acetyl Cysteine, and Acetyl L-Carnitine to boost cellular energy production. 

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  1. Deborah Quarles (verified owner)

  2. William Ruhl (verified owner)

    Don’t know yet. Just started the protocol.

  3. Jillaine (verified owner)

    I love that everything you need is included, even the necessary vitamins and nutrients. The taste of the detox powder is not our favorite, but we get it in us and it’s worth it.

  4. Gina Bien Aime (verified owner)