Biological Profile – In Person Appointment

Biological Profile – In Person Appointment

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Biological and DNA testing. 

Biological testing and DNA map coding use applied integrative biophysics and electromagnetic signals as a non-invasive method for gaining valuable information about the body’s most vital functions. We identify root cause imbalances that are impacting the body’s cellular health.  This technology combines the frequencies of voice, kinesiology, physiology, and quantum physics. 

The primary objective is to disclose patterns of stressed or weakened organs-glands-and-body systems and customize healing at a cellular level. This test can also provide valuable data into your nutritional profile & nutrition deficiencies, environmental stressors, allergies, hormone imbalances, structural misalignments, food sensitivities, oral health, heavy metals, mold, toxic load, pathogens, and much more. 

We then can recommend strategies to restore balance and create custom plans that can be given to each person. 

Bioenergetic feedback and frequency testing are some of the most sensitive biological indicators available today. Results interpretation, nutraceutical supplementation, and complementary modalities are KEY to a successful analysis.

This type of advanced applied technology has been around for nearly 7 decades. Our device has a broad range of testing abilities that cover over 800 panels of testing. 

As a standard in our practice, we do not diagnose disease. Therefore, cellular health and energy loss must be balanced before true healing can begin.

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