Cholesterol Support

Cholesterol Support

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Cholesterol is a vital component of structural integrity in the human body. Without enough cholesterol we cannot make bile, which digests fats, produce hormones such as testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, or manufacture the very vital, vitamin D.

However, it is important we have the right balance, and the right types. A diet high in omega-6 will activate the production of bad cholesterol, LDL, while an anti-inflammatory diet also rich in omega-3 and healthy fats will activate production of good cholesterol, HDL. Dietary modifications are a step in the right direction but, oftentimes, we need additional support to restore cholesterol ratios in the body and lower the dependency on pharmaceutical drugs, such as statins, which strip the body of needed cholesterol and come with harsh side effects.

The Cholesterol Support bundle aims to restore proper cholesterol balance by providing a daily dose of healthy omega 3 fatty acids, an anti-inflammatory beverage and essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

If currently taking statins, consider adding our HEAL CoQ10, as statins deplete co-enzymes which can cause myopathy.

Products included:
Lipi Bergamont
Core Balance
5 Star Omega

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