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Our liver, the “king of the organs,” has over 500 known functions essential to our survival. When we detox, it’s like hitting a reset button for the entire body. It changes the terrain and pH within the body, creating a healthy environment for uptake and bio availability of nutrients. Toxins store up in major organs, therefore, detoxification provides a safe environment for the body to purge waste it has been storing.  

Our Detox Basic Bundle revitalizes the body and provides noticeable benefits such as: nourishing the liver, improving digestion, balancing hormones, clearing brain fog, removing heavy metals, breaking food cravings, stabilizing blood sugar, giving the adrenals a break, improving the function of filtration and elimination organs, clearing viral, bacterial and fungal signatures, a perk of energy and glowing skin, and so much more. 

The least we can do to relieve body burdening and improve our overall health is to perform a detox two or three times per year. 

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