Virus Spike Clear

Virus Spike Clear

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Many patients are noticing the negative impact of spike proteins in their vascular system after previous vaccinations or having long Covid. Our immune system recognizes the foreign proteins/antigens, and an immune response is triggered. Over time these foreign proteins can cause a ripple of negative side effects such as, damage to platelets which may increase clotting factors in the blood, thickening the blood – causing a loss of oxygen to the heart, and distracting the immune system, which may open the door to autoimmune disorders and abnormal cell growth – all of which leaves the body in a state of crisis. The body wants to return to balance and restore optimal blood flow but requires external assistance in these types of situations.

The Spike Clear bundle aims to promote healthy blood flow, digest excess proteins in the blood, nourish gut health, and support the immune system by providing immunoglobulins which can bind to antigens such as spike proteins.

Products included:
Natto CRP
Turmeric Synergy

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